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New York State has a problem. Industry was as much as 40% of the state’s economy in the 1970s, but is next to nonexistent today. With no industry, New York State has relied more and more on the FIRE economy: Finance, Insurance and Real Estate, coupled with service jobs that can never pay a living wage. Meanwhile, Upstate farmers are having a harder and harder time staying afloat with taxes and regulations. Their only option to avoid bankruptcy has become to lease their land to renewable energy companies, which means that there’s less food being grown for our population.

The lack of industry and the increase in renewable energy projects has led to reliable sources of energy, like oil, natural gas and nuclear power plants, getting shut down or blocked from being built. It is no coincidence that New York electricity prices have skyrocketed from these policies, which makes it even harder for working families to survive and for industry to come back.

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We are a group of New Yorkers who support abundant and reliable energy and electricity for families and businesses.


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